Comparing The Three Top Game Consoles Today

The gaming industry is growing at a rapid rate. The industry grew more than 44% compared to the sales that it made in year 2006 and 2007. However, there are still a lot of people who don’t know what game console to purchase, and some even end up buying the game console that cannot provide the gaming experience they are looking for. This article is written to help you decide the best console that fits your lifestyle and gaming habits perfectly.

Let’s start with the most luxurious game console; the Sony PlayStation. This console is being sold in gaming stores for as much as $500 per unit. One may say $500 for a gaming system alone? Well, where else can you find a Blu-Ray player built inside a game console, Wi-Fi capability, HDMI support, Bluetooth 2.0, a massive 250 GB hard disk and an open network that allows players to compete with each other?

The next in the list is Nintendo Wii which is said to be popular among kids, kids at heart, and even the elderly. This console is the first to introduce motion sensors that allows the console to accurately track the movements of players and convert it to in-game movements instantly. Being a product of Nintendo, this game console is considered as one of the best 7th generation game console due to the advanced features that it offers.

And finally the Xbox 360 of Microsoft, which costs at least $150 cheaper compared to PlayStation 3. It offers some of the best games in the planet today like Halo, Call of Duty, and Gears of War. It also provides an online network that will allow the players to compete against other Xbox players, but you need to pay $50 for the membership. I personally think that Xbox is more popular for gamers who prefer first-person shooting games compared to other game categories.

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